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[Sherlocks deduction] || Loki Odinson - [part 2/2] [part 1]


Drunk Deduction | Sherlock spots Dean and Castiel

kgirl-me wrote: "Hi I know nothing about tumblr. I saw a link to a superwholock webpage and clicked it. There was something posted about a story where dean saves Clara but couldn't save her dad. Is that a real fan fiction story or is it just an idea someone came up with? If its a real story please let me know where I can read it. Please help me! I created an account just to ask you this question."

Hi there! Well, first off, welcome to tumblr. Glad you’re here. If this is the post you’re talking about, it’s only an idea/post. There isn’t a fic that I’m aware of. However I don’t really read superwholock fic.

Maybed something like it does exist and one of our other lovely followers could help out?

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Wholock AU - Lestrade tells Sherlock and John that there’s a special client waiting for them, someone the police force can’t help.

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There was a Demon attack at the Oswald house, Dean was able to save Clara, but he wasn’t able to rescue her father, leaving Clara with no parents and all on her own. 

Dean beats himself up every day for leaving Clara like that, but when he runs into the short British woman again, he’s surprised to see what she’s grown into.


Supernatural/Doctor Who crossover AU, where Gabriel is in fact a time lord called The Trickster.

Other ones”

I’m not sure if it’s still about catchy lines.

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SuperWho!AU: Clara and the Doctor have a demon problem, so they ask for help to the Winchesters. But she is not very convinced of their skills.


Au: Gabriel sends Dean to the TARDIS

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